US 101 - Lynch Road - Safety Improvements - Proposed Alternatives

Dynamic warning signs proposed alternative

Installing Dynamic Warning Signs - $50,000 to $70,000


  • Signs would alert traffic on US 101 that vehicles were entering from Lynch Road. The signs would be especially helpful during times of low visibility such as fog, heavy rain and nighttime conditions.
  • Lowest cost alternative
  • Fastest delivery - construction could start as soon as 2017


  • Repetitive commuter traffic could become accustomed to continuous flashing lights, especially during heavy traffic.
  • This alternative makes no capital improvements to the intersection.

Why isn't WSDOT considering an interchange at this intersection?

  • No funding has been identified for a new interchange, which has an estimated starting cost of $25 million. WSDOT believes previous efforts combined with proposed improvements will help reduce the potential for collisions.

Adding acceleration lanes and a frontage road proposed alternative

Adding acceleration lanes and a frontage road (SE Brewer Road) - $1.5 million


  • Eliminates conflicting left turn traffic movements in the median.
  • Provides dedicated acceleration lanes on US 101 northbound and southbound from Lynch Road.
  • Keeps the same mobility and access near Lynch Road.
  • Construction could start as soon as 2018.
  • Mid-range cost alternative


  • Adds southbound traffic on SE Brewer Road.

Constructing a frontage road from Lynch Road to Old Olympic Highway proposed alternative

Constructing a frontage road from Lynch Road to Old Olympic Highway - $5.5 million


  • Eliminates the left turn movement from Lynch Road to southbound US 101 to Olympia.


  • Adds additional traffic and traffic conflict points at Old Olympic Highway.
  • Requires purchasing property for right-of-way, adding costs and time.
  • Requires relocating a community well and raises other environmental issues.
  • Highest cost alternative
  • Longest delivery time - Construction could start in 2019.