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SR 9 - SR 204 Intersection Improvements - Design Concepts

The following are examples of congestion relief measures we evaluated for the SR 9/SR 204 intersection. While there is currently no funding for detailed design or construction, this work is needed before a project can be considered for future funding. View the final pre-design report.

It's important to remember that these are only concepts. The preferred alternative, once it's selected, may vary from the designs below.

Add lanes   

The SR 9 Route Development Plan recommends widening SR 9 to six lanes through Lake Stevens.

Add lanes


A flyover ramp would carry traffic from eastbound SR 204 over the intersection and drop down onto northbound SR 9.

Diamond interchange    

A traditional diamond interchange can be constructed either with signals or roundabouts at the ramp intersections. This concept includes an overpass for SR 9 traffic.
Diamond interchange

Single-point urban interchange    

In a single-point urban interchange, the on- and off-ramps from one intersection form one intersection where vehicles turn left or right from the ramp onto the intersecting roadway. Single-point urban interchange

Presentations and reports

October 2012 - Final pre-design report (pdf 2.83 mb)

March 2011 - Design workshop summary (pdf 4.7 mb)

March 2011 - Design workshop presentation (pdf 653 kb)

February 2011 - Project folio (pdf 788 kb)