SR 9 - 32nd St. SE and 84th St. NE Safety Improvements - Before and After

A map showing the SR 9/32nd Street S.E. intersection before a traffic signal is addedBefore: at the existing intersection, drivers who wanted to make turns on or off the highway needed to wait for a gap in fast-moving traffic. Additionally drivers on the west side of SR 9 on 32nd Street needed to enter SR 9 from a stop sign at the top of a rather steep hill. The SR 9/32nd Street S.E. intersection was the site of 18 collisions from 2006 to 2010, including one serious injury collision. There were three rear-end collisions and four collisions involving drivers entering SR 9 from 32nd Street S.E.

A map showing the SR 9/32nd Street Southeast intersection after traffic signals are added

After: Signals control traffic in all directions at this intersection, giving drivers a safe way to turn onto or off SR 9. The dark gray bars represent approximately where the new signals are located. Crews also leveled out 32nd Street S.E. on the west side of SR 9 so cars stopped at the light are no longer be waiting on a steep hill. Crews also repainted the interchange to refresh the striping.