SR 9 - 176th Street SE to SR 96 - Widening - Interim improvement design options

WSDOT will use a combination of measures to provide limited congestion relief on SR 9 through Clearview. These interim improvements will be implemented in phases, as determined by ongoing traffic monitoring.

The options selected are the result of meetings with the Clearview Community Association, a community open house in January 2017, and consultations with Snohomish County Public Works.

Improvements goal
The goal is to provide limited northbound congestion relief on SR 9 between 176th Street Southeast and SR 96.

Improvements planned in 2018

  • Restripe and widen SR 9 from 136th Street Southeast to SR 96.
    • Benefit: provides an additional northbound through-lane and connects to the existing four lane section that begins at SR 96.
    • Following signal timing improvements completed in April 2017, WSDOT engineers re-evaluated traffic patters and congestion on SR 9. We determined that adding a second northbound lane in this area provides better congestion relief that options initially presented at the open house in 2017. WSDOT consulted with the Clearview Community Association and Snohomish County Public Works on this new option.  

Traffic signal improvements completed in April 2017

  • SR 9 at 164th Street Southeast: The traffic signal was reconfigured to provide more green light time to northbound drivers (work completed April 1, 2017).
    • Benefit: Eastbound and westbound drivers now travel simultaneously through the intersection instead of each side taking its own turn. In addition, northbound and southbound traffic on SR 9 is allowed to turn left on a flashing yellow arrow. These changes in the traffic signal cycle increased the green light time for northbound/southbound traffic on SR 9 and reduced backups.
  • SR 9 at Cathcart Way and 176th Street Southeast: A flashing yellow arrow was added to the existing traffic signal cycle for left turns (work completed April 9, 2017).
    • Benefit at Cathcart Way: The number of northbound drivers turning left onto Cathcart Way frequently exceeded the capacity of the turn lane. This resulted in backups on SR 9, blocking through-traffic. By allowing drivers to turn left on a green light or a flashing yellow arrow, the backups in the left turn lane are minimized and it reduces the blocking that occurs on the SR 9 through-lane. Several community members suggested this improvement at the open house in January 2017.
    • Benefit at 176th Street Southeast: This change keeps traffic moving at the intersection and discourages frustrated drivers from traveling farther north and turning left to cut through a shopping area parking lot.