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SR 542 - SR 547 - Intersection Improvement - Comments

If you missed the open house in Nov. 2013, or didn't have time to fill out a comment form, please fill out the comment form below so we will have a record of your ideas and opinions.

Please consider the following questions when sending your comments:

1. What is your interest in the SR 542/SR 547 Intersection project?

  • Drive the route frequently.
  • Drive the route occasionally.
  • Live along SR 542 or SR 547, or on one of the roads that intersects it.
  • Own or operate a nearby business.
  • Have a job or business that requires travel along this route frequently.
  • Drive this route strictly for winter or summer recreation
  • Other:

2. What best describes how often you use or drive by this intersection?

  • Daily or more than once a day
  • One or more times per week
  • One or more times per month
  • Less than once a month

Let us know what you think.
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