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SR 532 - Camano Island to I-5 Planned Projects

Construction started in July, 2009 on the SR 532 corridor project. Safety improvements include installation of turn lanes at selected intersections, replacing the General Mark W. Clark Bridge, building three truck climbing lanes and adding bus pullouts and new street lighting at selected locations.

The latest design plans are posted here in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (pdf). You will need Adobe Reader to read these documents.

map of corridor improvements

SR 532 corridor improvements

We will add turn lanes to several intersections and add two truck climbing lanes.  This will help reduce collisions and improve traffic flow through the SR 532 corridor. (pdf 2.6 mb)
 Image of GMC Bridge replacement Display Click to download Full Image PDF 1MB

General W. Mark Clark Bridge

We will build a new wider bridge that will improve safety and reduce congestion. The existing 26 foot wide bridge will be replaced with a 56th wide bridge. (pdf 1 mb)
 This is a cross section of the new bridge.

New, wider bridge

The new bridge will have a 4 foot median and two 12 foot lanes to match the existing highway. It will also have 14 foot shoulders on each side for disabled vehicles and emergency responders. (pdf 1 mb)
View design visuals of the new Mark Clark Bridge

Mark Clark Bridge design visuals

View pictures of the current bridge with design visuals of what the new bridge is expected to look like once construction is complete. (pdf 1 mb)
 Image of Camano Island Display

Camano Island

We will improve several intersections by adding turn lanes at select locations, adjust driveway openings to increase visibility for drivers. (pdf 1 mb)
Image of Snohomish County Board Click to download full image PDF 1mb

64th Avenue NW to I-5

We will improve safety by adding turn lanes at intersections and adding a westbound climbing lane between 12th Avenue NW and 28th Avenue NW.  (pdf 1mb)