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SR 530 Reconstruction

Reconstruction of SR 530

How long will it take to build a new SR 530?
WSDOT is hopeful that a new SR 530 through Oso will open to traffic in October.

The landslide significantly altered the geography of the valley, changed the path of the Stillaguamish River, and may have significantly damanged the highway.

WSDOT has awarded the design/build contract to Guy F. Atkinson Construction in the amount of $20.57 million to construct a new portion of SR 530 through the slide area. Due to the flood risk resulting from the landslide and the geographic changes to the Stillaguamish River North Fork, the roadway must be elevated.

Periodically during construction, traffic will return to the Seattle City Light access road.

WSDOT and the design/build contractor will host a community meeting in mid-June.

Funding for this portion will be paid for by the Federal Highway Administration.