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SR 530 - Frequently Asked Questions

A large number of questions at our initial meetings concerned the access road. We have incorporated the majority of community feedback into access road operations. More information about how that road operates can be found here:

How do we keep jobs local?
A: Our prime contractor, IMCO Construction has hired 9 local trucks to haul materials from SR 530. Also, our environmental consultant has hired several people from the local communities to work as spotters who are looking for personal belongings and other sensitive material that may be uncovered during the removal process.

What happens to personal belongings found in the material?
A: Personal belongings found in the slide area are cleaned and returned to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office where it is stored in a secured facility until families and property owners can reclaim it.

How is the slide area being secured from looters and prying eyes?
A: We’ve made contact with the property owners and issued passes that are checked by flaggers at both sides of the closure.

How does the river impact the rebuilding of SR530 and what will the new road look like?
A: The slide has changed the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River and created new challenges for SR 530 in the area which will require it to be elevated to protect the roadway against possible flooding. While we don’t know exactly how much the road will need to be raised until our design/builder is on board, our initial estimates suggest it will need to be an additional 10 to 15 feet on the west end, and 4 to 5 feet on the east end.

How does the clearing of SR530 address sensitive issues such as the missing and personal belongings?
A: We’ve worked closely with the Snohomish County Medical Examiner, FEMA and the National Guard to develop a plan that will help to ensure recovery of any sensitive items are handled in a respectful manner. Materials are screened twice on site with the help of spotters, and then a third time at the pit.