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SR 530 Seattle City Light Access Road


This is a one-lane gravel road that will be used intermittently to provide access to and from Darrington during reconstruction of SR 530.

  • This road will be open for local access only 24/7. Please do not use this road unless you are local or have business ties in Darrington, Oso or Arlington.
  • Pilot cars will guide drivers through the route. Drivers will be escorted through westbound at the top of the hour, eastbound on the half hour.
  • Speed limit is 10 mph.
  • Drivers will not be allowed to stop or pull over along the road.
    Washington State Patrol troopers and private security staff will assist with escorting vehicles on the route.
  • Make sure you arrive early.

    Larger Vehicles
  • Vehicles over 105,500 lbs are not permitted
  • Trailers up to 24 feet, including horse trailers, and dump pup trucks are allowed.
  • School buses and RVs are allowed.
    Logging trucks are allowed around the clock.
  • Semi-trucks up to WB 40 are allowed.
  • Drivers should be able to negotiate their vehicle over steep grades of up to 18%.
    Drivers should also be skilled and familiar with the area and road due to a tight corner on the west side.

Trips through the local access road are averaging between 15 and 20 minutes. But those times could increase if non-local traffic begins using the route for recreational trips.

Late-night and early morning trips will remain on the established schedule to accommodate the material removal trucks and crews.

Financial information
The SR 530 Local Access Road project was funded with $4.5 million of federal and state funding.