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SR 527 - I-405 I/C to SR 524 Vicinity Paving

Map of the project area View larger map of area

After 22 years, SR 527's pavement is rutted and cracked. After 22 years of use, SR 527 near I-405 is showing ruts (the lighter areas) and cracks in the pavement. See more SR 527 photos at Flickr.


February 2015

  • The project was declared operationally complete on Sept. 9, 2014. Operationally complete means the majority of work is finished and the roadway is open to traffic.
  • Check the Snohomish County construction update report for lane closures related to this project.
  • We awarded this project to Granite Construction Company on March 31, 2014.
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We are repaving State Route 527 between the Interstate 405 interchange and State Route 524 in north Bothell because the surface is wearing down. Repaving will protect the structural integrity of the roadway and provide a smooth driving surface for years to come. WSDOT contractor crews will grind down the old pavement on the travel lanes, then put down about two inches of new asphalt. In addition contractor crews also will:

  • Rebuild pedestrian sidewalks and ramps. 
  • Replace all affected traffic signal sensors. 
  • Install additional lighting at the intersection of SR 527 and 217th Street Southeast. 
  • Upgrade and replace guardrails.

Why is WSDOT repaving SR 527 between the I-405 interchange and SR 524?
The pavement in this area is showing a lot of wear, such as rutting in the lanes, which is typical for a 22-year-old road. In the early 1990s, this portion of SR 527 was widened from two lanes to its current configuration of five to seven lanes. During the past 22 years traffic volume has increased by up to 75 percent; the highway now handles about 42,000 vehicle trips each day. By repaving the highway now, annual repair and maintenance costs can be reduced.

The End Result
Repaving this section of SR 527 will extend the useful life of the pavement by about 20 years and provide a smooth driving surface for the roughly 42,000 vehicles that use this part of SR 527 daily.

Project Benefits

  • This project will extend the highway’s lifespan by about 20 years and reduce annual maintenance costs. 
  • Drivers will have a smoother ride. 
  • Sidewalks and curb ramps will be improved. 
  • There will be additional lighting at the intersection of SR 527 and 217th Street Southeast.

What is the project timeline?

  • February 2013: We began designing the project. 
  • February 2014: Project was advertised for competitive bidding.
  • March 31, 2014: We awarded the project to Granite Construction Company.
  • June 2, 2014: Construction began. 
  • Sept. 9, 2014 - The project was declared operationally complete.

Financial Information

Financial Data for PIN 152710C
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $3,116
Total $3,116

Project signage will reflect the cost of construction engineering, project bid award and sales tax.

How can I get more information?
Mark Sawyer
WSDOT Project Engineer
Phone: 425-225-8799

Tom Pearce
WSDOT Communications
Phone: 206-440-4696

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