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For the most up-to-date information about SR 520 construction activities and planned closures, check our SR 520 Construction Corner.

Current News

Montlake Market survey results now online

We recently conducted an online survey to solicit community feedback on the upcoming SR 520 Montlake Project, its potential effects on the Montlake Market, and our ongoing efforts to see if it's practicable to preserve the market. You can now view the results (pdf 340 kb) of the survey's 1,700-plus responses. In the coming weeks, we'll also post a summary of the 800-plus written responses we received, along with a verbatim transcript of each one. We're sharing the community's feedback with our Montlake Project team and WSDOT leadership to help inform their decision about the market building.

You asked, we're answering

We've received a lot of questions from the community over the last few months about our upcoming SR 520 construction work in Seattle. With so many of the recent questions focused on the upcoming Montlake Project or, more specifically, on how our work may affect the Montlake Market, we've posted on the SR 520 website our answers to the most frequently asked questions. Below you'll find:

Learn about upcoming SR 520 construction in our '2019: The Year Ahead' newsletter

With major SR 520 construction resuming soon in Seattle, we've published a special newsletter to provide you a snapshot of what's coming up. You'll find the highlights in "2019: The Year Ahead" (pdf 590 kb). The newsletter covers the key construction activities for the SR 520 Montlake Project, along with ways for staying up to date on all the work.

Our Montlake Project contractor will begin preliminary fieldwork in the coming weeks. Construction will ramp up later this spring. We've created a new set of webpages, called the SR 520 Construction Corner, to help keep you informed on what to expect and how construction will affect your travel in and around the corridor.

Our 2019: The Year Ahead mailer should arrive this week in homes along the SR 520 corridor. We hope you'll take a few minutes to read it.

Soils testing completed on Montlake Market property

We recently conducted test drilling in Montlake where the Montlake Market and 76 gas station are located, and found contaminated materials in the soil and groundwater. We plan to acquire this property later this year to enable construction of improvements to SR 520 as part of the upcoming Montlake Project. You can read the full soil-testing report (pdf 14 mb) on the SR 520 website. We're working closely with technical experts to learn more about the contamination and determine the next steps.  We'll keep the public informed as we know more.

Program Overview

The SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program is enhancing public safety and mobility by replacing the highway's aging, vulnerable bridges and making significant transit and roadway improvements throughout the corridor. The construction program's planned improvements extend from I-5 in Seattle to I-405 in Bellevue.

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