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SR 520 - Latest WABN Construction Update

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Latest email update, distributed Feb. 23, 2018


Deadline approaching for local traffic-calming requests in the Montlake area

Last December, the Washington State Department of Transportation and Seattle Department of Transportation released the Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan for the SR 520 Montlake Phase Update (NTMP). We shared information on how to request traffic-calming measures for local Montlake streets prior to and after construction starts. For implementation in 2018, requests must be received by next Wednesday, Feb. 28. If you are considering a request, let SDOT know before the deadline.

There are three categories (see NTMP pages 31-36) for making requests:

  • Projects requiring a neighborhood petition for implementation (page 31)
  • Projects requiring additional analysis or agency coordination (page 32)
  • Additional traffic-calming measures not previously considered (page 36)

The request process varies slightly depending on where you live and the category of your request. Requests and questions should be sent to SDOT will evaluate requests in March and, if warranted, ask for a petition (if needed) indicating that a majority of residents on your block and adjacent to the intersection want the treatment as well.

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  • Visit the WABN project website to find general information about the project.
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The West Approach Bridge North project is the next funded construction phase of the SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program.