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SR 520 - Construction Cameras

You can view current construction activity from Medina and archived construction footage from other locations using the links below. 

Floating Bridge and Landings Project

  • Medina - Archival time-lapse photos of the new floating bridge while under construction, and current footage of removal of the old floating bridge on Lake Washington, as viewed from Medina. This camera also tracks construction of the final noise wall and trail in Medina.
  • Kenmore - Archived footage of construction of precast roadway deck sections. (Roadway deck construction was completed in Kenmore in August 2015.)
  • Tacoma - Archived footage of pontoon construction. (Pontoon construction was completed in Tacoma in December 2014.)

Pontoon Construction Project

  • Pontoon construction site - Archived footage of pontoon construction in Aberdeen, Wash. (Pontoon construction was completed in Aberdeen in March 2015.)

SR 520 bridge traffic camera