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SR 520 Bridge Program: Medina to SR 202 Eastside Project Design

View an animated video of the project design:
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Key features of the Eastside project

What will the improved Eastside corridor look like?

Cost estimate summary: Yarrow Point interchange at 92nd Avenue Northeast

What are the key features of the Eastside Transit and HOV Project?

The Eastside Transit and HOV Project will complete and improve the 2.3-mile HOV system from Evergreen Point Road in Medina to 108th Avenue Northeast in Bellevue.

The improved six-lane corridor will include two general-purpose lanes and one transit/HOV lane in each direction.

Key features include:

What will the improved Eastside corridor look like?

SR 520 near 108th Avenue NE (looking east)
92nd Avenue NE transit stop (looking west)
Evergreen Point Road transit stop (looking west)
Regional bicycle pedestrian path and Points Loop Trail (north of highway)