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SR 520 Bridge Program: Medina to SR 202 Eastside Project Map

Ultimate project features

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Eastside HOV lane configuration - with summer 2014 expansion

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New inside HOV lanes between Lake Washington and 108th Avenue Northeast opened in September 2014. The lanes align with new median transit stops and direct-access ramps for carpools and buses. The existing outside HOV lanes east of I-405 will remain in place until traffic patterns and transportation planning efforts show a change is needed.

The Eastside SR 520 HOV lane operates as follows:

  • West of I-405: Buses and carpools travel in the inside lane, with a 3-person minimum occupancy requirement for carpools – the same occupancy requirement as before project construction.
  • East of I-405: Operations remain the same. Buses and carpools travel in the outside lane, with a 2-person minimum occupancy requirement for carpools.