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SR 520 Bridge Program: Medina to SR 202 Eastside Project What's happening now

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Updated: February 2017

Construction news

Visit the SR 520 Orange Page for up-to-date information on construction throughout the SR 520 corridor, including lane and ramp closures.

Eastside Project timeline

In 2014, crews completed major construction on three highway lids, two transit stations and the final SR 520 roadway alignment. All construction within the Eastside segment of SR 520 was completed in mid-2015.

Inside HOV lanes

New inside HOV lanes between Lake Washington and 108th Avenue Northeast opened in September 2014. Buses and carpools continuing on SR 520 through the Eastside are now able to bypass congestion that occurs in the general-purpose lanes. This benefit is enhanced by the fact that the transit/HOV lane is located in the inside lane, eliminating conflicts between general-purpose drivers merging into the outside lane, and eliminating the need for buses to merge across traffic when accessing the transit stops. 

Here's how the Eastside SR 520 HOV lanes operate:

  • West of I-405: Buses and carpools travel in the inside lane, with a 3-person minimum occupancy requirement for carpools – the same occupancy requirement as before project construction.
  • East of I-405: Operations remain the same. Buses and carpools will travel in the outside lane, with a 2-person minimum occupancy requirement for carpools.

We plan to move the existing outside HOV lanes east of I-405 to the inside as well, but that stretch of SR 520 first needs some substantial improvements, including at the SR 520 / I-405 interchange.

Two new Eastside median transit stops

The Evergreen Point Road median stop and the 92nd Avenue Northeast stop opened in summer 2014. Buses are now able to move more efficiently into and out of the transit stops.

84th Avenue Northeast roundabout and new ramps

Crews opened the 84th Avenue Northeast roundabout to traffic in June 2014. The reconstructed interchange's on- and off-ramps to SR 520 also opened. Check this link for a view (pdf 4.5 mb) of the new roundabout and interchange ramps.


Planting is complete throughout the project corridor. The corridor's landscaping included installation of nearly 20 raptor perches to encourage habitat development (read all about it on the WSDOT Blog), plus trees, shrubs and grasses.

Regional bicycle and pedestrian path

The highway's regional bicycle and pedestrian path on the Eastside opened in early 2015. The path runs on the north side of SR 520 between Evergreen Point Road and 108th Avenue Northeast. After the new floating bridge opened in April 2016, the path was extended to the west end of the new bridge.

92nd Avenue Northeast roundabout and pedestrian tunnel

Crews opened the 92nd Avenue Northeast roundabout to traffic in fall 2014.

Bellevue Way overpass

This project created a new left-turn lane from northbound Bellevue Way to the on-ramp to westbound SR 520. The new improved bridge overpass (pdf 725 kb) provides additional capacity, including two through lanes in both directions on Bellevue Way, two left-turn lanes on Northup Way, and double left-turn lanes off northbound Bellevue Way onto SR 520. Those longer, double left-turn lanes help to separate traffic headed onto SR 520 from traffic continuing on Bellevue Way.