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SR 520 Bridge Program: Medina to SR 202 Eastside Project What's happening now


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Updated: Aug. 28, 2014

Current construction info:

Please visit the SR 520 Orange Page for up-to-date lane and ramp closure information.

Check out our September construction activities map! (pdf 643 kb)

Key construction impacts


Project timeline

In 2014, crews expect to complete three highway lids, two transit stations and the final SR 520 roadway alignment.

Two new Eastside median transit stops now open

The Evergreen Point Road median stop opened Monday, June 16, and was followed on July 14 by the opening of the 92nd Avenue Northeast stop. When the Eastside corridor’s transit/HOV lanes are completed later this year, buses will move more efficiently into and out of the transit stops.

84th Avenue Northeast roundabout, new ramps now open

Crews opened the 84th Avenue Northeast roundabout to traffic on Monday, June 16. The reconstructed interchange’s on- and off-ramps to SR 520 also opened. Check this link for a view (pdf 4.5 mb) of the new roundabout and interchange ramps.


Planting has begun throughout the project corridor and will continue through the completion of the project. After project construction is complete, you may still see crews maintaining project landscaping for the next three years to ensure plant growth. Crews began planting near Bellevue Way last fall, including installing nearly 20 raptor perches to encourage habitat development (read all about it on the WSDOT Blog). Crews will plant shrubs and grass on the Evergreen Point Road lid in late winter and will then move east, planting shrubs, grasses and trees throughout the corridor as soon as roundabouts and roadways are moved into their final alignment.

Regional bicycle and pedestrian path

Crews continue to build the bicycle and pedestrian path on the north side of SR 520 between Evergreen Point Road and 108th Avenue Northeast. Because the path currently provides crews access to the construction zone, it will be one of the last features to open to the public later this year.

92nd Avenue Northeast roundabout and pedestrian tunnel construction continues

Crews began clearing trees and shrubs in mid-March on the north side of the 92nd Avenue Northeast lid they are building over SR 520. Crews are periodically switching traffic flow in order to complete the roundabout structure.

Crews opened the 92nd Avenue Northeast median transit stop on July 14.  

Bellevue Way overpass opened to traffic this spring, construction continues through summer

Bellevue Way overpass construction will continue through summer 2014. Crews opened a new left-turn lane from northbound Bellevue Way to the on-ramp to westbound SR 520 in the spring. When complete, the improved bridge (pdf 725 kb) will provide additional capacity, including two through lanes in both directions on Bellevue Way, two left-turn lanes on Northup Way, and double left-turn lanes off northbound Bellevue Way onto SR 520 (with longer left-turn lanes to help separate traffic headed onto SR 520 from traffic continuing on Bellevue Way. Additionally, a pedestrian and bicycle path will open along the east side of Bellevue Way following the completion of the overpass.

108th Avenue Northeast construction ramps up

Construction is moving ahead at the intersection of 108th Avenue Northeast and Northup Way. Crews continue to install utilities and build two new noise walls on the northeast and northwest corners of the intersection. The improved intersection will feature updated drainage and utilities, as well as a 12-foot-wide sidewalk on the south side of Northup Way for improved pedestrian and bicycle access.

Eastside progress leads to additional temporary HOV-lane restrictions east of I-405

As construction progress continues eastward along the SR 520 corridor, Eastside Transit and HOV Project crews are moving forward with highway widening and HOV improvements in the Bellevue Way and 108th Avenue Northeast area. To complete this work, which includes building HOV lanes in both directions and direct-access ramps for buses and carpools at 108th Avenue Northeast, crews have temporarily shifted westbound buses and carpools into the two general purpose lanes beginning just east of I-405.

Temporarily removing the westbound HOV lane has allowed crews the work area needed to build the future highway lanes and HOV improvements. The existing bus-only lane between 92nd Avenue Northeast and Evergreen Point Road will remain in place.

The westbound HOV lane, along with a new eastbound HOV lane and direct-access ramps, will reopen when the project is complete, scheduled for later this year. 

SR 520 westbound HOV lane during remainder of Eastside project construction

  • SR 202 to 108th Avenue Northeast – Westbound HOV lane remains open
  • I-405 to Evergreen Point Road – Westbound HOV lane closed until project completion, scheduled for summer 2014
  • 92nd Avenue Northeast to Evergreen Point Road – Bus-only lane remains open for the remainder of project construction

Eastside HOV lane configuration with project completion

New inside HOV lanes between Lake Washington and 108th Avenue Northeast will open later this year. They will align with new median transit stops and direct-access ramps for carpools and buses. The existing outside HOV lanes east of I-405 will remain in place until traffic patterns and transportation planning efforts show a change is needed.

The Eastside SR 520 HOV lane will operate as follows:

  • West of I-405: Buses and carpools will travel in the inside lane, with a 3-person minimum occupancy requirement for carpools – the same occupancy requirement as before project construction.
  • East of I-405: Operations will remain the same. Buses and carpools will travel in the outside lane, with a 2-person minimum occupancy requirement for carpools.

Traffic Revision: 108th Avenue Northeast on-ramp to westbound SR 520

Since May 30, 2012, there has been a change at the 108th Avenue Northeast entrance to westbound SR 520. Here are the details:

Northbound 108th Avenue Northeast to westbound SR 520:

  • This access is closed permanently.
  • Drivers will instead access westbound SR 520 at Bellevue Way, via Northup Way.

Southbound 108th Avenue Northeast to westbound SR 520:

  • No change.

This change was made for construction of the new on-ramp and a fish-friendly culvert underneath 108th Avenue Northeast. When complete, the new 108th Avenue Northeast interchange will include direct-access ramps for buses and carpools traveling in both directions on 108th Avenue Northeast.

Points Loop Trail detour

The Points Loop Trail is closed between Evergreen Point Road and 84th Avenue Northeast while crews construct project improvements. Bicyclists and pedestrians are to use the detours to Northeast 28th Street and Northeast Points Drive. A section of the reconstructed Points Loop Trail was opened in fall 2013 between 84th Avenue Northeast and 92nd Avenue Northeast.

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