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SR 520 - Project Permits

As part of the environmental-compliance process for the I-5 to Medina project, WSDOT conducted extensive studies and analysis in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, the State Environmental Policy Act, the federal Endangered Species Act, and other laws and regulations. The process also required WSDOT to apply for numerous federal, state, and local permits.
All permits needed to replace the vulnerable SR 520 floating bridge were issued by early 2012, allowing WSDOT to proceed with the project. Some of the permits subsequently were modified or amended.

What permits were issued for the SR 520, I-5 to Medina project? 

Linked here is a listing of environmental reports, analyses and permits (pdf 130 kb) issued for the SR 520, I-5 to Medina Project. Individual documents can be opened and read from this listing. 

Were the permit applications based on the selected alternative design?

Yes, the permit applications were based on the design of the selected alternative, which WSDOT evaluated in the final environmental impact statement as the "preferred alternative." This alternative was selected in the record of decision, which was issued by the Federal Highway Administration in August 2011.

How were permitting agencies involved in the project?

WSDOT worked closely with local, state and federal agencies throughout the planning and design process on issues such wetland and aquatic mitigation, in-water construction, stormwater, and fish passage.

Agency staff provided valuable input and feedback during the design process. Their feedback resulted in fewer impacts to natural resources, and helped the project team identify appropriate mitigation for impacts that could not be avoided or minimized.