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SR 520 - I-5 to Lake Washington


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Rest of the West timeline

Rest of the West overview


March 2017

The 2015 Legislature approved funding for SR 520's planned improvements from I-5 to Lake Washington -- the "Rest of the West." These improvements include highway lids in Seattle's Montlake and Roanoke neighborhoods, the south half of a new west approach bridge, a new Portage Bay Bridge, and a second drawbridge over the Montlake Cut. WSDOT is preparing to begin the first phase of construction, known as the Montlake Phase, in 2018.

Draft traffic management plan for the Montlake area 
If you missed our March 22 public meeting on the draft Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan for the upcoming Montlake Phase of SR 520 construction, you can still view the meeting's presentation (pdf 1.8mb) and display boards (pdf 2.8mb). You also can read the draft plan itself (pdf 7.6 mb) and provide your feedback as part of a two-week public comment period. Find additional details here

Major Public Project Construction Noise Variance
The city of Seattle will host a public meeting on April 6 regarding WSDOT’s application for a noise variance for our upcoming Montlake Phase of construction. The meeting is set for 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. at Saint Demetrios Hall. Comments will be submitted to the city of Seattle. More information is available on the city of Seattle's website.

If you missed our Feb. 28 meeting on this topic, the presentation (pdf 1.5 mb), display boards (pdf 3 mb), public outreach summary (pdf 10.5 mb), meeting summary (pdf 444 kb), and a short Q&A (pdf 470 kb) are available online. Read here for more information.

Why is WSDOT pursuing this project?
This project, in phases, will complete all planned safety and mobility improvements on SR 520 from Lake Washington to I-5.

The End Result

  • A safer highway for motorists and transit riders from the replacement of structurally vulnerable bridges.
  • Improved regional mobility from the addition of dedicated HOV lanes across the entire SR 520 corridor, in both directions.
  • Greater transportation options with the completion of a regional, cross-lake bicycle/pedestrian path along the entire corridor.
  • A healthier environment from the creation of treatment systems for highway runoff and other mitigation projects.

Project Benefits

Future improvements to the highway’s western segment in Seattle include:

  • A new, seismically stronger West Approach Bridge South to carry three lanes of eastbound traffic past Montlake Boulevard to the new floating bridge.
  • Community-connecting highway lids in Seattle’s Montlake and Roanoke neighborhoods.
  • A new, seismically stronger Portage Bay Bridge.
  • A landscaped, 30-foot-wide bicycle and pedestrian crossing over I-5.
  • A second bascule bridge across the Montlake Cut to provide additional capacity and safer north-south travel on Montlake Boulevard.
  • A bicycle-pedestrian “land bridge” over SR 520 connecting the Arboretum and points northward.
  • Related mitigation and trail-improvement projects in Seattle parks, natural areas and communities.

What is the project timeline?

The 2015 Washington Legislature fully funded the remaining improvements to SR 520 between I-5 and the new floating bridge. The upcoming phases of construction, in order, are:

Montlake Phase

  • Elements: West Approach Bridge South, Montlake lid and interchange, and land bridge over the highway
  • Timeline: construction set to begin in 2018; estimated duration: 4-5 years

Portage Bay Phase

  • Elements: Portage Bay Bridge, Roanoke lid, and I-5 connections
  • Timeline: construction to begin in approximately 2020-2022; estimated duration: 6 years

Montlake Cut Crossing Phase

  • Elements: second bascule bridge over the Montlake Cut
  • Timeline: construction to begin as early as 2024; estimated duration: 3 years

The first two phases are each planned to be delivered as design-build contracts. The type of contract for the final phase will be determined in the future. 

This graphic (pdf 1 mb) shows the project phasing for the Rest of the West.

Financial Information

The 2015 Legislature authorized $1.64 billion in funding to complete SR 520 improvements from Lake Washington to I-5 – the “Rest of the West.” For more information on SR 520 funding, visit the Budget and Performance page.

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