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I-5 to Medina Project Record of Decision - FEIS Comments

Attachment 2 - Final EIS Comments

In the Record of Decision, we respond to public and agency comments on the Final EIS. You can view the comments WSDOT received by selecting an item below.

A complete PDF of all comments to the Final EIS (pdf 59.49 mb).

Author Recipient Date of Correspondence
Bader, Jorgen FHWA 7/4/11
Bricklin, David FHWA 7/18/11
Canterbury Shores Condominium Association
(Mundy, Bill and Mary Ann)
WSDOT 7/11/11
Coalition for a Sustainable SR 520 FHWA 6/20/11
Coalition for a Sustainable SR 520 FHWA/WSDOT 7/15/11
Ebrahimi, Keihan WSDOT 6/15/11
Environmental Protection Agency FHWA/WSDOT 7/18/11
Flug-Coburn, Eliza WSDOT 7/6/11
Fuhrman and Boyer Neighborhood Improvement Association (FABNIA) WSDOT 7/15/11
Hansen, John WSDOT 7/15/11
Hoffer, Louis WSDOT 7/14/11
Kennon, Jacob WSDOT 7/5/11
Laurelhurst Community Club FHWA/WSDOT 7/13/11
Leeth, Shawn WSDOT 6/10/11
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Stewart Tosach WSDOT 6/22/11
Puich, Renate WSDOT 7/8/11
Ravenna Bryant Community Association FHWA 7/7/11
Scully, Sharon FHWA 7/13/11
Seaton, Doug WSDOT 6/20/11
Seattle City Light WSDOT 6/29/11
Seattle Department of Planning and Development WSDOT 7/1/11
Seattle Department of Transportation WSDOT 7/15/11
Seattle Mayor's Office WSDOT 7/15/11
Seattle Parks and Recreation WSDOT 6/30/11
Seattle Public Utilities WSDOT 6/29/11
Stall, Jon WSDOT 6/23/11
Stewart, Douglas WSDOT 7/15/11