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SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project - Gallery

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SR 520 during February 2006 storm. SR 520 bridge undergoing repairs during 2006 storm. SR 520 bridge closed to traffic during 2006 storm. SR 520 bridge drawspan alignment hook, torn off during 2006 storm. SR 520 bridge during 2006 storm closure.

Looking east on an autumn morning above the SR 520 Bridge with Medina and Hunts Point in the background.

A 160-foot schooner-shaped vessel (top) and a second unidentified barge (bottom) located 200 feet below the surface of Lake Washington just north of the SR 520 Bridge.

The western high rise of the SR 520 Bridge with Madison Park in the back. The concrete slabs along the water mark the west edge of the bridge’s floating section.

At an SR 520 project public meeting, an aspiring engineer becomes enamored with an SR 520/I-405 interchange engineering map.

A severe winter storm wreaks havoc on the old Hood Canal Bridge.

1964 view of I-5, Eastlake and Roanoke areas.  SR 520 is in the background.

1969 view taken from over the Washington Park Arboretum looking at SR 520 and Lake Washington.

An aerial photograph of the SR 520 Evergreen Point Bridge taken in 1970. Madison Park is the neighborhood in the foreground; Kirkland in the upper left across Lake Washington.

Traffic on the SR 520 Bridge. Roughly 110,000 vehicles cross the shoulder-less four-lane facility everyday.

A torn cable joint found during a routine inspection. The cables connect the floating bridge pontoons with their underwater lakebed anchors.

Looking down the SR 520 Bridge’s east approach structure at sunset.

Floating bridge pontoons being constructed in a graving dock. When completed, the graving dock will be flooded with water and the pontoons floated out to the bridge site.

1964 view of SR 520 from over Medina.

An unidentified vessel on the floor of Lake Washington north of the SR 520 Bridge.

A bridge pontoon floating through Seattle’s Elliott Bay.

A view of the I-90 Lacey V. Murrow floating bridge’s mid-sections sinking in 1990.

Photograph of crews constructing the new Hood Canal Bridge.

Looking east over the University of Washington (left), Montlake area and SR 520 corridor. Taken in 1969 over Portage Bay.

The inside of a hollow bridge support column that was damaged by a barge in 1999.

Looking east along the south side of the SR 520 Bridge.

The Hood Canal Bridge opened to boat traffic. The Hood Canal Bridge is the only floating bridge in Washington built over tidal waters.

A 60-foot barge underneath Lake Washington near the SR 520 Bridge.

A shot of SR 520 cutting through the Montlake wetlands.

WSDOT crews repair a damaged support column after a barge crash in July 1999.

Photo courtesy of Museum of History and Industry.

A winter storm pounds the SR 520 Bridge, driving waves over the roadway.

East view over the mid-span of the SR 520 Bridge.

A common rush hour traffic jam on SR 520.

Looking south over a glassy Lake Washington at the SR 520 Bridge’s profile.

An unidentified vessel on the floor of Lake Washington north of the SR 520 Bridge.

Looking west from the center of the SR 520 Bridge deck during a routine inspection.

SR 520 through the Montlake wetlands.

Southeast view on a misty winter morning of Lake Washington and the SR 520 Bridge.

The non-floating fixed-portion of the SR 520 Evergreen Point Bridge. Seismically unstable hollow support columns presently support this part of the bridge.

Taken in 1968 – a historic view of Husky Stadium, the SR 520 Portage Bay Bridge (right) and Evergreen Point Bridge (left).