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SR 520 - Floating Bridge and Landings Project: Boater Information

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SR 520 Bridge Information page

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Updated: June 24, 2016 

Intermittent construction activities continue near SR 520 navigation channels

The east and west navigation channels will be periodically blocked for critical construction activities. During these blockages, marine vessels should plan to navigate through the unaffected channel (see below for navigational height restrictions). 

To stay informed about upcoming blockages of the navigation channels, email us.

East Navigation Channel intermittently blocked

East navigation channel closure extended to June 29
The east navigation channel will remain closed to marine traffic from now through Wednesday, June 29. Vessels with vertical navigational clearance of more than 43 feet, needing to transit the channel, are requested to provide at least two-hours notice to tugboat Big Eagle on VHF-FM Ch. 16 or by calling the marine superintendent at 425-749-6675. See Section C in the graphic below. 

New east navigation channel scheduled to open at full height of 70 feet on June 27 

While the east navigation channel is scheduled to open at its full height of 70 feet on Monday, June 27, it is important to note that there may be interim closures throughout the summer as crews continue to decommission the remainder of the old SR 520 floating bridge

West navigation channel temporarily, partially blocked through June 30 

The west navigation channel will be closed to all marine traffic on the following dates:

  • Thursday, June 30
  • Tuesday, July 5, through Saturday, July 9

The east navigation channel will be open at this time, at its full, permanent height of 70 feet. See Section A in the graphic below.  

Click image for printable version.  (pdf 178 kb)  

Navigation channel calendar

Click image for printable version. (pdf 205 kb)


SR 520 navigation channel restrictions

An exclusion zone is also active immediately north and south of the western-most pontoon. This off-limits zone is marked by six white buoys and a sign on each end of the pontoon. Please note, the white buoys represent the locations of the anchor lines and it is dangerous to pass between the sign and the buoys.

Please note: until June 27, the east navigation channel under the SR 520 bridge is currently operating with reduced clearance. Navigational clearances are higher on the east side of the channel, but obstructions north of the channel reduce the navigational height to 58 feet. Boats taller than 58 feet should not attempt to navigate through the channel prior to June 27.

If your vessel, mast or other aerial equipment is over 58 feet tall and cannot be lowered please do not attempt to navigate around the floating bridge until June 27.

Also, please note that the U.S. Coast Guard has established a temporary safety zone around the east span of the SR 520 floating bridge through the end of December 2015. During this time, boaters are prohibited from entering all waters within 100 yards of the east span, unless within the navigation channel. This zone is in place to protect boaters and bridge crews while construction barges are located in the navigation channel under the east span of the bridge.