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SR 509 Completion Project - Schedule and Funding

Funding Overview

2015 - Connecting Washington Funding Package

In July 2015, the Puget Sound Gateway Program, comprised of SR 509 and SR 167 Completion Projects, was funded at $1.87 billion with an assumption of $130 million from local sources and $180 million from toll funding. This amount is shared between SR 509 and SR 167. This funding will be used to: 

  • Complete all engineering activities.
  • Purchase all remaining right of way.
  • Complete SR 509 from 188th Street in SeaTac to I-5 and SR 516 in Kent.

2005 - Transportation Partnership Program

The SR 509 project received $30 million as part of the “Transportation Partnership Program” enacted for transportation by the 2005 Washington State Legislature. This funding was used to: 

  • Advance preliminary design for the initial phase.
  • Purchase select pieces of the right of way needed for the SR 509 project.
  • Fund the construction of early environmental mitigation projects, including the corridor wetland mitigation site.

2003 - Nickel Funding Package

In 2003 the SR 509 project received $35 million as part of the “Nickel Funding Package” enacted for transportation by the 2003 Washington State Legislature.  This funding was used to:

  • Advance preliminary design.
  • Purchase select pieces of right of way.
  • Fund Marine View Drive Bridge Construction and SeaTac International Boulevard Phase IV projects.

Schedule Overview