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SR 508 - Bear Canyon Emergency Repairs - Project Photos

August 2007

The highway was rebuilt in 2007, allowing motorists to once again use SR 508 through Bear Canyon.

Late July 2007

As work neared completion, crews finished building the new wall and highway.

Early July 2007

The lagging for the wall was installed, as crews worked to stablize the wall with additional fill material.  Anchors were also installed to provide additional support for the new wall. 

June 2007

Nearly completed Soldier Pile retaining wall

Crews hard at work to rebuild roadside

Work progresses at Bear Canyon

Late May 2007

Anchors will prevent future movement of the roadside

Crews installed and checked the alignment of the "H-piles." A horizontal drilling rig was used to drill several anchors at each pile location. The equipment drilled 70-feet into the rock hillside where each anchor was installed, securing and preventing movement of the piling.

"H-pile" installation

"H-pile" installation and the timber lagging progressed well. The timber lagging was installed to the top of the piling. By the end of May, approximately 40 of the 58 piles were installed.

Early May 2007

Repair work continued as crews rebuilt the roadway with a soldier pile wall. Once the damaged slope was stabilized, the pavement was repaired and striped.

Soldier Pile Wall

Work to rebuild roadway continues

Construction work makes headway

April 2007

Work to repair SR 508 at Bear Canyon began in late April 2007.

Excavation work begins

Repair work underway

Crews arrive to repair SR 508 at Bear Canyon

Tractor makes progress

November 2006

The following photos show the severe road settlement which occurred at Bear Canyon, just east of Cinebar on SR 508.  The settlement was caused by record rainfall in early November 2006 that saturated the slope around the highway.

Damage at Bear Canyon on SR 508

Bear Canyon Slide

Safety precautions taking place using cement barricades

Bear Canyon slide causes road sediment