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SR 500 - Camas - Paving & sidewalk updates


January 2018 

To preserve the road and improve pedestrian access along SR 500 through Camas in Clark County, WSDOT contractor crews will repair more than two miles of pavement and upgrade pedestrian crossings.

Why is WSDOT doing this work?
Repairing potholes, ruts and cracks in the pavement before deeper layers of the road are damaged saves time and money.

Updating pedestrian crossings improves walkability and makes it easier for people to cross the street safely.

The End Result
This project will improve the ride quality of the highway and extend the life of the roadway. It also will reduce the need for emergency closures and costly repairs.
Sidewalk ramps within the project area will be updated to help ensure people of all abilities can safely travel along this stretch of road.

Project Benefits

  • Preserves infrastructure and extends the life of the highway, creating a smoother roadway and safer driving surface. It will remove ruts where water puddles and can reduce traction. 
  • Reduces the need for costly emergency maintenance repairs and unexpected closures. 
  • Improves sidewalk access for people of all abilities.

What is the project timeline?
Fall 2017/Winter 2018: Design/Public Outreach
Spring 2018: Project design
Summer 2018: Construction scheduled to begin

Financial Information

  • Paving work estimate $1.8 million
  • Sidewalk updates estimate $1.2 million

*Budget data is manually updated and is preliminary. Project work is in Camas.

How can I get more information?
Lori Figone
WSDOT Vancouver Area Office

Tamara Greenwell
WSDOT Communications

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