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SR 432 - Rail Realignment Feasibility Study - Project Specifics

Public involvement
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Your thoughts and opinions are important to WSDOT. Input from community members and those who depend on the route are a fundamental part of any study process. WSDOT will continue to keep the public informed about the study's progress through local media, the project Web page, and stakeholder committee meetings.

The Stakeholder Committee is comprised of businesses along the SR 432 corridor, and local, county, state and federal agency officials. Stakeholder meetings will be hosted during the course of this feasibility study and meeting summaries will be posted on this project Web page for the public to view.

For the latest public involvement meetings in southwest Washington, visit the Southwest Region's Public Involvement page

Increasing safety is our priority
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One of the objectives of this study is looking at methods to reduce collisions at signalized and non-signalized intersections. The corridor under study has 12 intersections and 5 railroad crossings which will be analyzed.

Environmental protection
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Studying and evaluating environmental issues that might have an impact on future project development is an important part of the process. Although specific project impacts may not be addressed by a study like this, some indication about known environmental issues, especially those that are identified as priorities by the community, will be documented as part of the study report. Among other things, discussions with the community will focus on how environmental issues play a role in local planning and project development.

For environmental information specific to this project, please contact Barb Aberle at (360) 905-2186, or e-mail

Will this project impact tribal resources?

WSDOT addresses the concerns of the tribal nations using the process outlined in Section 106 of The National Historic Preservation Act and the WSDOT Tribal Consultation Policy adopted in 2003 by the Transportation Commission as part of the WSDOT Centennial Accord Plan.

For more information visit our WSDOT Tribal Liaison website.