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Project Info

SR 305 Suquamish Way Intersection Improvement - Map


The SR 305 / Suquamish Way intersection is located on the west side of the Agate Pass Bridge which connects the Olympic Peninsula to Bainbridge Island.

SR 305 Suquamish Way Improvements

Crews will lengthen the right turn lane for westbound SR 305 drivers turning onto Suquamish Way. The longer turn lane is intended to free up more room for drivers going from Bainbridge Island towards Poulsbo. Westbound SR 305 drivers wishing to turn right towards Suquamish Way will ultimately yield to oncoming drivers instead of currently stopping at a traffic light.

Benefits for transit, pedestrians and bicyclists
In addition to the new right turn lane, pedestrians and bicyclists will also find:

  • A pedestrian/bicyclist island serviced by transit
  • Additional sidewalks
  • Flashing lights that signal drivers when bicyclists are present on the Agate Pass Bridge