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SR 302 - Key Peninsula Highway to Purdy Vicinity - Safety & Congestion - Completed November 2014

WSDOT made a number of improvements along areas of SR 302 because of congestion at specific locations and a high rate of collisions.


How you benefit

Improves safety
To reduce congestion and the potential for collisions, WSDOT made improvements along the SR 302 corridor and at the intersection of SR 302 and 118th Avenue NW.

Improvements included widening portions of the road, adding left-turn pockets, widening shoulders, increasing sight distance and access consolidation.

Crews restriped lanes of traffic, with the goal of helping motorists drive within the speed limit and helping them focus on the road. The restriping included widening the edge stripe and center line stripe to up to 8 inches to increase lane visibility for drivers. The edge stripe was widened on the lane side so the shoulder width is not affected.

Numerous studies have shown that the illusion of a narrower road slows drivers and helps them drive within the speed limit.

Other improvements include removing some trees and other hazards within the right of way and constructing several emergency pullouts.

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