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SR 3 - SR 304 Interchange Improvements Project - Bremerton


March 2017

  • WSDOT is in the process of conducting required federal and state environmental review for the SR 3 restriping project. Construction cannot occur until both are complete.
  • Following environmental review, crews will need to rebuild areas of the juncture between SR 3 and SR 304. Once complete, crews would then be able to restripe the lanes.
  • Construction is anticipated to begin during 2017.
  • Construction funding for this project is part of the Connecting Washington Transportation Revenue Package.

Why is WSDOT studying this interchange?
WSDOT was directed by the Legislature to conduct a feasibility study for interchange improvements to the SR 3 - SR 304 Interchange in Bremerton.

The purpose of this study is to improve mobility during the PM peak commute periods along southbound SR 3 under the SR 304 westbound ramp where the travel lanes narrow down from two to one lane. The resulting congestion increases delay and travel time affecting safety and imposing inconvenience for the traveling public.

This project will advance development of the interchange improvements by beginning the initial environmental documentation, preliminary engineering and design to expedite project delivery.

Study Alternatives:
WSDOT, city, county, U.S. Navy and transit officials have been working collaboratively to identify two solutions that will reduce traffic congestion and improve existing highway operations where State Route 3 and State Route 304 meet in Bremerton. The following long and short-term solutions were selected. 

Short-term Solution   Alternative 2
Restripe to 2 Lanes – Restripe to create two lanes on southbound SR 3 in the area between the Bremerton Wastewater Treatment Plant and the SR 3/SR 304 merge. Two lanes currently merge into one at that location. The recommendation would also change the SR 304 dedicated on-ramp to an on-ramp where vehicles merge onto mainline SR 3.

Long-term Solution  Alternative 4
Add a 3rd Lane from the SR 304 on-ramp to Gorst – Widen southbound SR 3 from the SR 304 on-ramp to Gorst to create three lanes. Crews would also restripe southbound SR 3 to two lanes in the area between the Bremerton Wastewater Treatment Plant and the SR 3/SR 304 merge.

The solution will include Transportation Demand Management (TDM) options.

The End Result
The end result will identify a solution(s) that will reduce traffic congestion and improve existing highway operations where SR 3 and SR 304 meet in Bremerton.

Project Benefits
Project benefits include the advancement of the design, preliminary engineering and right of way acquisition for the preferred alternative.

Once the alternative is implemented, benefits include improved mobility by reducing delay and providing a consistent travel time through the SR 3 - SR 304 interchange while maintaining the safe operation of both SR 3 and SR 304 in the process.

What is the project timeline?
Now that a solution is identified, the next step is to determine the necessary requirements to move forward into the Interchange Justification Report (IJR) process. An IJR is used to justify a new access point or access point revision on existing limited access highways in Washington State.

Financial Information

Project signage will reflect the cost of construction engineering, project bid award and sales tax.

Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
   State Funds $500
Total $500

How can I get more information?
Jon Keeth
Design PE

Claudia Bingham Baker
Communications Manager

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