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SR 291 - Route Development Plan - Final Report

This Final Report is a large PDF file (pdf 4,327 kb) and may take time to open. The Chapters and Appendixes are available in separate files below.

Table of Contents  (pdf 526 kb)

Executive Summary  (pdf 79 kb)
SR 291 Route Development Plan 
    Route Development Plans  
    Route Development Plan Location 
    Plan Purpose and Need 
    Summary of Findings
Implementation Plan
Introduction  (pdf 87 kb)
WSDOT Planning
Eastern Region RDP Process 
Stakeholder and Public Involvement  
    Chronology of Events 
    Open Houses
SR 291 Trend Analysis 
Analysis Methods

Highway Location, Classification, and Function  (pdf 104 kb)
Route Location
Route Continuity 
Route Classification and Function  
    Highway of Statewide Significance (HSS) 
    National Highway System (NHS)  
    Design Level Classification  
    Functional Classification 
    Freight and Goods Transportation System
Access Management and Control Classification  
    Full Access Control Criteria 
    Partial Access Control Criteria 
    Modified Access Control Criteria  
Roadside Classification 
Alternate Transportation Options
Current Land Use and Zoning

Existing Facility  (pdf 125 kb)
Right of Way 
    Design Class 
    Minimum Right-of-Way 
Bridge and Structures 
Roadway Design Elements  
    Posted Speed Limit & Desirable Design Speed 
    Desirable Design Speed 
Roadway Geometrics

Existing & Future Operating Conditions  (pdf 190 kb)
Traffic Volumes
Level of Service
Growth Rates
Traffic Growth Rates

Route Improvements  (pdf 21kb)
    Mobility Improvements Identified in the Highway System Plan  
    Spokane County's Urban Connector System
    Current Safety Improvements
Environmental Documentation
Future Development

Findings & Recommendations  (pdf 363 kb)
    Section 2 Alternative  ($7.65 Million) 
    Section 3 Alternative ($25.4 Million) 
    Summary Recommendations

Appendix  (pdf 3,306 kb)
Appendix A 
    Design Layouts
Appendix B 
    Design Matrix
Appendix C 
    Bridge Condition Report
Appendix D
    Utility Franchise List
Appendix E 
    Land Use Maps