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SR 285 George Sellar Bridge - West End Improvements - Traffic Movement Modifications

       Stevens and Mission Intersection:

  • There will be two left turn lanes turning left from SR 285/Stevens onto Mission Street heading southbound.
  • The west leg of Stevens will become a cul-de-sac.  This will create a three legged intersection at the west end of the bridge, allowing for greater efficiency for the larger traffic movements heading north and south on Mission.
  • There will be two right turn lanes remaining for traffic turning right onto Mission Street heading north from SR 285/Stevens.

       Mission and Ferry Intersection:

  • No left turns will be allowed from Mission turning west up Ferry Street.  This movement will be rerouted to the new Ferry Street off ramp and allowed to go thru the Ferry and Mission Street intersection.
  • The left turn movement for eastbound traffic on Ferry Street turning north onto Mission Street will be removed.
  • The left turn movement for westbound traffic on Ferry Street turning south on Mission Street will be removed.
  • The left turn movement from southbound Mission street turning east onto Ferry Street will be removed.
  • A right turn lane will be added to Ferry Street for westbound traffic right turning onto Mission Street.
  • The two way left turn lane on Mission Street, from Stevens Street to Bridge Street, will be used to allow for a third lane heading southbound. 

     Ferry and Mission Intersection:

  • The Ferry Street off ramp will split into two lanes, a left turn and right lane.  The left turn lane will accommodate traffic heading west on Ferry Street and the right turn lane will accommodate traffic heading east on Ferry Street.  The intersection will have a signal installed.

     Mission and Park St. Intersection:

  • Park Street will remain connected to Mission Street.

     Marr St. and Wenatchee Ave. Intersection:

  • Left turn lanes will be added to intersection on Wenatchee Ave.  No signalizations is required.

     Marr St. and Mission Intersection:

  • Restriping will allow for two southbound lanes on Mission Street.  No signalization is required.