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SR 285 George Sellar Bridge Eastbound Lane Addition Photos

Caption below photo
The unfriendly "weave" now necessary for those traveling eastbound over the Senator George Sellar Bridge will be eliminated when the loop ramp gets its own new eastbound lane.   

The sidewalks will be removed and relocated outside the bridge rails.
One option would remove the sidewalks and reconstruct them outside the bridge rails and the bridge deck will be reconfigured for the additional eastbound lane, another option moves pedestrian traffic to the nearby bicycle/foot bridge.   
March 08 Drill sites
In March of 2008, WSDOT Geotechnicians drilled to test soils at sites on both ends of the bridge, disrupting early morning traffic as the outside eastbound lane had to be closed.   

The machine Geotechnicians used to drill to analyze the soil and rock
This is the drilling machine used to do the soil analysis as the project was being designed in March of '08.   

Before and After
Before and after artist conception of the additional EB lane and pedestrian bridge.