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SR 28 - 5th Street Intersection Improvements


September, 2017

Construction began Monday August 7th and should be complete by mid September. 
  • The roundabout and 5th NE (from the mall to the roundabout) reopened for traffic at 7 a.m. Wednesday 8/30.
  • Temporary striping will be in place for 2-3 weeks until the new pavement has cured and the permanent plastic pavement markings can be installed.
  • The landscaping will also come later when temperatures are lower.
  • Note that speeds through roundabouts are a maximum of 25 MPH. 
Check this Roundabout page for how they work.

This (I-2) Highway Capital Improvement Safety Collision Reduction Project addresses a high collision location between the east end of the SR 285 Senator George Sellar Bridge and the Wenatchee Valley Mall in East Wenatchee.

Construction of a roundabout is scheduled at the intersection of SR 28 and 5th St. NE (MP 4.25-4.45B) as well as to the westbound on-ramps to the bridge from 5th St. and from southbound SR 28 (Sunset Hwy.)

Why is WSDOT working to improve this intersection?
This area has been identified as a location in need of safety improvements due to the type, frequency and severity of collisions that happen here.

Washington State Patrol records show from October 2010 through October 2015 there were 30 collisions, with 10 resulting in injuries. During that same 5 year period for the SR 28 ramp onto the bridge there were another 38 collisions with 9 injuries. 

An estimated average of 4,850 cars currently (and a forecasted average of 7,200 cars in 20 years) go straight onto the George Sellar Bridge or turn right onto SR 28 daily from this east leg of 5th street. Traffic often backs up to Valley Mall Parkway and traffic trying to cross SR 28 cause a high percentage of T-bone and side collisions. Collisions from the southbound SR 28 ramp to the George Sellar Bridge are mainly sideswipes and rear-end collisions.

The End Result
The intersection improvement is designed to significantly reduce the severity and frequency of collisions. The roundabout all but eliminates the possibility of the T-bone collisions that frequently occur at this intersection.

Project Benefits

  • Reduces the potential number and severity of collisions. 
  • Allows traffic heading south a new left turn movement to get to Valley Mall Parkway.
  • Allows traffic an exit to Valley Mall Parkway if traffic is stopped on the Senator George Sellar Bridge. 
  • Improves mobility of westbound traffic on 5th Street to get onto the bridge.

What is the project timeline?
Advertised for bids May 15. 

Contract awarded June 20.
Construction scheduled 8/7/17 to 9/15/17.

Financial Information

Financial Data for PIN 202800T
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $1,805
CWA $0
Total $1,805

Project signage will reflect the cost of construction engineering, project bid award and sales tax.

Hurst Construction LLC was awarded contract #9109 for $1,608,066.55.

How can I get more information?
Dan Lewis, Project Engineer
WSDOT North Central Region
2830 Euclid Ave.
Wenatchee, WA 98801-5916
phone: 509-667-2881 or toll free (888) 461-8816

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