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SR 26 - Othello at First St - Stage 1 - Complete March 2010

March 29, 2010
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View entire map The project is located on SR 26 at MP 40 and SR 24 at MP 79.6 at Othello  

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(Before) This is the road grade which was lowered underneath the bridge during Stage 1.

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  This is the view of SR 24 looking north, after the roadway was lowered.


Complete March 2010

  • Construction began Feb. 22. and was complete on March 29, 2010. 
  • The project lowered the roadway, installed a new stormwater system, a city water line and then new pavement.
  • Here is a .pdf (5346K) of the detour route utilizing Bench and Reynold's Roads that was in place for 16 days.

Why is WSDOT improving this intersection?
This project was constructed to reduce collisions at the intersection of the SR 26/First Street and the SR 24 Spur in Othello. 

Stage 1 of this project lowered the grade of SR 24 and Broadway Ave underneath the bridge at SR 26.  This will allow large trucks and overheight vehicles to use this north/south route into Othello, instead of crossing SR 26 at 1st Street.

Stage 2 of this project will provide additional safety improvements at SR 26 and 1st St. and make radius improvements to city intersections to allow larger trucks to navigate the streets.

The End Result
With Stage 1 of this project complete, the vertical clearance on SR 24 and Broadway Ave was increased to 16.5 feet underneath SR 26.  Lowering the grade under SR 26, reduces tall truck traffic through the at-grade intersection of SR 26/1st Street and SR 24 Spur.

Project Benefits
As both stages are completed, this project will help to reduce collisions at SR 26 and 1st St.  Additionally, it will be easier for truck traffic to navigate Othello streets.

What is the project timeline?
Construction began Feb. 22, 2010 and was complete March 29, 2010.

Financial Information

Project signage will reflect the cost of construction engineering, project bid award and sales tax.

This project was advertised for private contractor bids on Oct. 12, 2009. 9 qualified bids were opened on Nov. 5. Nov. 9, contract #7838 for $398,712. was awarded to MRM Construction Inc.

This project is funded from the following sources:

  • Pre existing gas tax
  • City of Othello
  • Federal funding from Highways and Local Programs Grant

Total from all sources for Stages 1 and 2: $1,005,000

How can I get more information?
Project Engineer Bob Romine
WSDOT North Central Region Project Office
PO Box 98
Wenatchee, WA 98807
Phone: 509-667-2880, or toll-free 1-888-461-8816

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