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SR 20 Spur - Friday Harbor Ferry Terminal - Slip 1 Timber Dolphin Replacement

This project is complete
Map of the Friday Harbor ferry terminal on San Juan Island
Friday Harbor ferry terminal on San Juan Island (enlarge)

typical ferry terminal structure schematic
Typical ferry terminal structures (enlarge)

Photo of timber dolphin to be replaced at the Friday Harbor ferry terminal
Timber dolphin to be replaced at the Friday Harbor ferry terminal


January 2014

  • Project Complete

Construction will take place at the Friday Harbor ferry terminal on San Juan Island in fall 2013. Crews will replace an old timber dolphin with a new steel dolphin.

A dolphin is a structure located in the water used as a landing aid for the ferries as they approach the terminal.

Why is WSDOT replacing this timber dolphin?
The timber dolphin being replaced at the Friday Harbor ferry terminal was installed in 1976 and is one of the oldest dolphins in the system. The dolphin was hit years ago and was leaning so far over that a large number of piles were added to the back side for support.

WSF has been replacing these old creosote-treated timber dolphins throughout the system based on their condition, the required use by vessels for landing or staying in the slip, the vulnerability of adjacent structures and environmental stewardship.

The End Result
The new steel pile dolphin will be similar to the other dolphins that were installed at the Friday Harbor terminal in 2005. It will be designed for the current vessels on the route and provide support for both large and small vessels in the tie-up slip as well as the operating slip.

Project Benefits
Safety: The replacement of this dolphin will protect the ferry dock structure from damage in the event that a vessel were to lose power, lose control of the steering system or be caught in weather that would cause the vessel to come off line during a landing.

Environmental: WSF has been removing creosote-treated wood from Puget Sound for years based on regulatory permit requirements. This wood is then properly disposed of rather than being reused.

What is the project timeline?

  • Winter 2012: Design and permitting phase.
  • Spring 2013: Project advertised.
  • Fall 2013: Construction.

Financial Information

Project signage will reflect the cost of construction engineering, project bid award and sales tax.

  • Design Budget: $152,000
  • Construction Budget: $1,248,000

How can I get more information?
Tom Castor
WSF Marine Project Engineer

Hadley Rodero
WSF Communications

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