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SR 167 - Puyallup River Bridge Replacement Environmental Documents

The SR 167 Puyallup River Bridge project is the first phase of the SR 167 Tacoma to Edgewood freeway completion project.

What is an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)?

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is a document that discloses potential effects from a proposed project under the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). An EIS describes the purpose and need of the project and proposed plans for its construction. It also provides comprehensive analysis about project operations and environmental effects.

What is a Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS), and why is WSDOT supplementing the original EIS?

According to the National Environmental Policy Act and State Environmental Policy Act, an agency must prepare a supplemental draft EIS when:

  • The agency makes substantial changes in the proposed action that are relevant to environmental concerns; or
  • There are significant new circumstances or information relevant to environmental concerns and bearing on the proposed action or its impacts.

When reviewing the Record of Decision for the project that was signed in October of 2007, the project team identified the need for a Supplemental EIS because the steel truss bridge is eligible for the Registry of Historical Structures.

Open Comment Period:

The Draft Supplemental EIS was open for comments through March 15, 2013. After which, the SEIS will be finalized and submitted for a new Record of Decision for the project.

July 2013 - Final Supplemental EIS

The final supplemental environmental impact statement can be downloaded here (pdf 6 mb). Please allow a few minutes for the entire document to load.