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SR 161 - 24th Street East to Jovita - Completed June 2015

Project Status - Complete
Map showing project area. View entire map
The construction area began at 8th Street and extended south on Meridian Ave. E. to 36th St. E.

This project eased congestion and improved safety by adding lanes and managing access points on State Route 161 through Edgewood.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
SR 161 in Edgewood now has new turn lanes, improved signals and managed access points improve safety.
Car GlyphRelieves Congestion
Additional lanes ease traffic congestion.

Leaf Glyph Protects Environment
WSDOT engineers incorporated numerous elements in this project designed to preserve and protect the environment, including improved stormwater drainage ponds and grassy ditches to treat, filter and store highway runoff, buffers to protect wetlands and features to control erosion and sediment.

Partnerships & Cooperation


Financial Data for PIN 316118A
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $48,413
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $2,369
CWA $0
Total $50,782

Contact Us

Michele Britton
Project Engineer

Claudia Bingham Baker

Communications Manager

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