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SR 160 - Vashon Terminal - Timber Trestle and Terminal Replacement

Vashon Ferry Terminal
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typical ferry terminal structure schematic
Typical ferry terminal structures (enlarge)


Vashon Ferry Terminal

Trestle timbers at Vashon


April 2014

  • Construction is currently scheduled to begin in July 2015.

WSF will seismically brace the entire Vashon ferry terminal timber trestle, which is a framework of timber that serves as the holding lanes, and pedestrian and vehicular lanes to/from the ramps to the ferry.

The sign bridges will also be replaced.

Why is WSDOT replacing these structures?
The existing timber trestle constructed in 1957 is at risk of collapse in the event of an earthquake. The project will bring the entire timber trestle up to current seismic code and allow access to and from the island in the event of an earthquake.

The End Result
In the event of a seismic occurrence, the main transportation corridor for Vashon Island residents will be better protected.

Project Benefits

  • Reliability: Having a reliable transportation alternative to and from an island gives the public greater flexibility for travel.
  • Safety: The project brings the trestle up to seismic, mechanical and electrical codes.

What is the project timeline?

  • April 2015: Advertise project.
  • July 2015: Begin construction.
  • May 2016: Complete construction.

Financial Information

Budget: $15 million

How can I get more information?
Charles Torres
WSF Design Project Engineer

Hadley Rodero
WSF Communications Manager

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