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Project Information

SR 16 - Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Just the Facts

At a Glance

Project Scope: 3.4 miles of roadway including new bridge. Boundaries are from Jackson Avenue NW in Tacoma to 36th Street NW in Gig Harbor.
Completion: New bridge opened to traffic July 16, 2007.
1950 bridge retrofit completed in spring 2008.
Owner: WSDOT
Contractor: Tacoma Narrows Constructors (Bechtel and Kiewit venture.)
Cost: $735 million ($114 million under budget.)
Tolling: The initial toll was $3 cash or $1.75 for electronic tolling using Good To Go! July 1, 2008, tolls increased to $4 and $2.75, respectively. The Washington Transportation Commission sets toll rates. Tolls are collected only in the eastbound direction.

New Bridge Vital Statistics

Bridge Length (overall): 5,400 feet
Main Span (tower to tower): 2,800 feet; 69 pairs of suspender hangers per side.
Side Span, East: 1,200 feet; 29 pairs of suspender hangers per side.
Side Span, West: 1,400 feet; 34 pairs of suspender hangers per side
Suspended Roadway (deck panels, barriers, utilities) 53 million pounds
46 deck sections
120-feet long by 78-feet wide by 30-feet high (including hand railing) is average size
Towers: 510 feet tall
8,500 cubic yards concrete (per tower)
2.9 million pounds of reinforcing steel (both)
Caissons (tower foundations, each): 85,000 tons (total weight)
6 million pounds of reinforcing steel
40,500 cubic yards concrete (Tacoma)
37,000 cubic yards concrete (Gig Harbor)
Anchorages (each): 81 million lbs (total weight)
20, 000 cubic yards concrete
1 million pounds reinforcing steel
Cable Diameter (each): 20.5 inches
Each cable contains 19 strands of 464 wires
Individual steel wire is the diameter of a pencil
8,816 steel wires per cable
Structural Steel, Superstructure
(parts of the bridge above water):
35.5 million pounds
Structural Steel,
Suspension System
(cable wire and saddles atop towers):

12 million pounds