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SR 142 - SR 14 to US 97 Roadside Safety - Project Specifics

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Public involvement

Your thoughts and opinions are important to WSDOT. Public involvement opportunities will occur during the design phase for this project. Advance notification of any opportunities will be sent out to area residents, businesses and local media, and posted on this Web page.

For the more information about public involvement opportunities for other WSDOT projects in Southwest Washington, visit to the SW Region's Public Involvement page.

Increasing safety is our priority

This project will improve roadside safety by reducing the severity of run off the road accidents. During construction, WSDOT will implement all necessary traffic management and safety measures to ensure the traveling public and construction personnel stay safe.

Environmental protection

WSDOT makes every effort to assess and minimize environmental impacts from our projects. The necessary environmental analysis for this project is in progress. This analysis will document the project’s environmental impacts (natural, ecological, societal and economic) in order to guide the final design and construction. If needed, this project will provide mitigation for impacts to the environment. The Environmental Review Summary was completed on March 14, 2007.

For environmental information specific to this project, please contact Barb Aberle at (360) 905-2186, or e-mail

Will this project impact tribal resources?

At WSDOT we seek to address the concerns of the tribal nations using the process outlined in Section 106 of The National Historic Preservation Act and the WSDOT Tribal Consultation Policy adopted in 2003 by the Transportation Commission as part of the WSDOT Centennial Accord Plan.

Currently, this project does not require any tribal permits.

For more information visit our WSDOT Tribal Liaison website.