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SR 142 - Little Klickitat River Bridge to US 97 - Photos

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements

Crews upgraded 54 sidewalk ramps along SR 142 to meet current ADA standards. The new ramps help improve access for pedestrians and people with disabilities.

The yellow bumps are called "truncated domes." They are designed to help visually impaired people determine the boundary between sidewalk and street.

New sidewalk ramp on SR 142 in Goldendale

New sidewalk ramp on SR 142 in Goldendale

Before paving - cracked asphalt

SR 142 near Goldendale was last paved in 1994. The highway is developing both longitudinal (parallel) and transverse (perpendicular) cracks. Cracks form on aging pavement, usually due to lengthy stress from the weight of traffic and repeated freezing/thawing during cold weather.