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Budget Information

SR 129 - Oregon State Line to MP 11 - Rock Scaling


This project is complete

Why is WSDOT stabilizing the slopes along SR 129?
Removing hazardous rock above SR 129 will increase the safety for the traveling public.

The End Result
Rocks frequently fall onto SR 129 causing obstacles for drivers. Crews will remove loose rock by scaling the slopes reducing the frequency of rock fall.

Project Benefits
This project improves the safety for drivers ensuring the continued reliability of this highway.

What is the project timeline?
Start construction: April 2014
Construction complete: July 2014

Financial Information

Financial Data for PIN 512912A, 512912B, 512912C, 512912D, 512912E
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $755
Total $755

Project signage will reflect the cost of construction engineering, project bid award and sales tax.

How can I get more information?
Summer Derrey
WSDOT communications

Moe Davari
WSDOT project engineer

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