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SR 104- Hood Canal Bridge - Bridge Site Photo Gallery

Crossbeam 10 Pour
Crossbeam 10 Pour: Concrete poured into wood forms on Pier 10 to form a crossbeam.  March 2005.  
Crossbeam Finish Work
Crossbeam Finish Work:  Crossbeams 7-10 were poured and wood forms removed, including the longitudinal stops (small concrete "castle looking" squares on top of the crossbeams) for Piers 7-9.  Once the new approach span is rolled into place, the longitudinal stops keep the bridge from shifting to the east or to the west.  March 2005.  
East Approach Span
East Approach Span: The silhouette of the bridge is changing as the new columns and crossbeams for the east-half approach span near completion.  March 2005.

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