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SR 104 - Hood Canal Bridge - Closure Media Kit

May-June 2009 Construction Information
May 1, 2009, the SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge closed to traffic for approximately six weeks so WSDOT can replace the entire east half and east and west trusses.

The project has been in the works since 1997 and provides travelers a wider, safer, more reliable bridge linking the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas for the next 75 years.

Construction work at the bridge site centers on removing and replacing three key components of the existing east half: 

See the most recent construction videos and photos on Flickr.

The major construction milestones:

 Date  Work Activity
5/1/09 Close Bridge to Traffic
5/1/09 Remove old retractable draw pontoons -- 471 feet
5/4/09 Remove old east truss
5/7/09 Remove old draw span assembly (NOP) -- 928 feet
5/8/09 Remove old west truss
5/9/09 Remove old west A frame
5/9/09 Remove old roadway pontoons (Q and R) -- 720 feet
5/9/09 Set new west A frame
5/11/09 Remove old roadway pontoons (STUV) -- 784 feet
5/13/09 Move in new roadway pontoons (UVWX) -- 926 feet
5/15/09 Set new west truss
5/16/09 Move in pontoon RST -- 900 feet
5/17/09 Connect pontoons UVWX and RST
5/18/09 Set new east truss
5/18/09 Move in new east draw span -- 600 feet
5/20/09  Remove old east-side pier four
5/23/09 Connect draw span to pontoon RST
5/24/09 Test draw span
5/25/09 Set span between UVWX and RST roadway
5/25/09 Set span between RST and draw span roadway
5/31/09 Complete utility connections
6/2/09 Complete barrier installation
6/2/09 Complete joint work, grouting, post-tensioning   
6/3/09 Complete 20 consecutive draw span tests
6/3/09 Open bridge to traffic
8/18/09             Complete east-half anchor connections

Closure Materials
Innovative construction and fascinating facts are all part of this project.  Find out more below: