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SR 104- Hood Canal Bridge - Financial Information

Timely project delivery is among WSDOT’s highest priorities. The department recognizes that completing this project as soon as possible is critical to spending money wisely.

The Hood Canal Bridge team is continually monitoring all project costs and budgets on a regular basis to provide accurate and timely financial information, such as:

Hood Canal Bridge Project Cost Summary (as of Oct. 31, 2008)




Percent Expended

Original Commitments*




Port Angeles




Bridge Site Work




Work In Progress












Modified Commitments**




Construction Management  




Bridge Closure Mitigation




New Facilities and Bridge Completion












Total Project




*Original Commitments include all work required for original project design and construction through completion of the Port Angeles graving dock efforts, canal site bridge widening and approach replacements and materials in or committed to fabrication prior to 2006 for use in future bridge construction.

**Modified Commitments include all work required for construction and installation of all bridge components such as pontoons and anchors including testing, bridge closure, float-in and project completion and installation of materials fabricated under original commitments.

Funding Sources

  • 2005 Transportation Partnership Funding (Gas Tax) - $162.1 Million
    In 2005, the Washington State Legislature provided $162.1 million toward this project.
  • Existing State/Federal/Other Funds - $308.8 Million 
    This includes funding from: Federal Bridge Discretionary budget ($4.7 million), Federal Innovative Discretionary budget ($3.7 million) and Federal Bridge Innovative Discretionary budget ($3.0 million)
  • Total Funding Available from all sources - $470.9 Million

Budget History

  • June 2003: $275,082,000
    The Hood Canal Bridge contract was awarded. The project budget, which included the cost of building pontoons and anchors at the graving dock in Port Angeles, was $275 million.
  • May 2004: $284,214,000
    Budget increased to include archaeological work at Port Angeles, acquisition of additional property and purchase of additional materials.
  • November 2004: $285,234,000
    Budget increased due to additional archaeological work and added lease costs.
  • February 2005: $291,540,000
    Budget increased to immediately replace east-half anchor cables.
  • May 2005: $454,250,000
    Budget increased to reflect engineers estimate for completing the project at existing facilities. Moving to different locations changed the costs associated with completing the job. Existing facilities around the Puget Sound offered the best production schedule and a lower cost than building a new graving dock, but necessitated budget increases. Expenses included costs associated with stopping the work, re-pricing the contract to use other facilities, parts storage and escalation of costs for labor, equipment and materials. Additional cost increases may come from a variety of risks inherent to the project: Port Angeles site closure, future judgments, continued oversight of Port Angeles facility, excessive material cost escalation and bridge maintenance needs.
  • October 2005: $470,968,000
    Budget increased based on revised contract.  The new contract provides a shared savings element that encourages the contractor to seek efficiencies and reduce costs.