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Rail - Vancouver - Rail Yard Bypass

This project is complete
Vancouver Rail Yard bypass map

Vancouver Rail Yard turntable

The yard's train turntable was relocated as part of this project.

Track Laying Machine installing new bypass track between W 39th St and Fruit Valley Rd

A track laying machine installs new bypass tracks between West 39th Street and Fruit Valley Road in Vancouver.


February 2017

This project is complete.

Why is WSDOT installing the Vancouver Rail Yard Bypass?
Congestion at the rail yard slows down passenger trains. This project will separate freight and passenger services by constructing a freight bypass track on the eastern side of the BNSF’s Vancouver rail yard, relocating the existing train turntable and moving mechanical and storage buildings.

This project includes:

  • Approximately 12,500 feet of bypass track around the east side of the BNSF Yard and Maintenance Facilities
  • Grading and retaining walls
  • At-grade crossings with active warning devices
  • New crossovers and turnouts
  • Train signal modifications
  • New mechanical building
  • Relocation of the existing train turntable

The End Result
The work will improve the reliability of intercity passenger rail service and help to cut travel times along the Amtrak Cascades corridor.

Project Benefits

  • Improved Amtrak Cascades on-time reliability.
  • Allow passenger trains to avoid interference with freight train traffic in BNSF's Vancouver Yard.
  • Faster, more frequent Amtrak Cascades service between Seattle and Portland.

What is the project timeline?
Work began in 2013 on portions of the project and was completed in early 2016.

Financial Information

Washington state is delivering nearly $800 million in federally funded rail corridor improvements using high-speed rail American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grants administered by the Federal Railroad Administration.

  • Project budget -- $32.2 million

How can I get more information?
WSDOT Rail Division
PO Box 47407
Olympia, WA 98504-7407

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