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Public Outreach

Your input in the design and construction process is important to us. WSDOT aims to maximize opportunities to listen to affected residents and businesses, and cares about what they say.

WSDOT staff listens to concerns and ideas, learning about the issues and challenges the community faces.  This collaboration is imperative to arrive at decisions that work, both forthe project and the community. We listen and discuss concerns at public meetings, through correspondence, by phone, via e-mail or on our Web pages. Providing an open communications environment fosters trust and teamwork, which in turn, maintains and improves public confidence.
What have we heard so far?
To date the project team has conducted more than 40 briefings and outreach events and will continue well into project construction. Comments from the affected communities cover these main areas:

  • Safety: concerns about faster, more frequent trains on a track that currently sees only intermittent freight traffic.
  • Traffic: concerns about increased congestion due to additional trains passing through busy intersections
  • Noise: Increased noise from trains passing through and also from train horns.
  • Declining property values: concerns that property values are at-risk due to noise, vibration, and traffic impacts
  • WSDOT is just “checking the boxes” on their process and has little interest in neighborhood concerns
  • Community connectivity: Inreased train service may further isolate Tillicum neighborhood

Traffic Simulation Videos
WSDOT recently hosted a series of open houses providing the public an opportunity to review environmental study findings and learn more about the next steps in the process. During these meetings, WSDOT displayed video animations showing estimated traffic patterns in the year 2030 with the addition of the Amtrak Cascades trains. The videos show several interchanges in Lakewood and DuPont. Watch the traffic simulation videos (wmv 1.7mb).
Want to schedule a presentation?

If you represent a group that would like to hear a presentation about the Cascades High-Speed Rail Program or the Point Defiance Bypass project, we would be pleased to hear from you. Contact WSDOT Rail Division, PO Box 47407, Olympia, WA 98504-7407, 360-705-7900, E-mail:

01-06-2011 TWNA Lakewood Tillicum/Woodbrook Neighborhood Association (Lakewood) - 
January 6, 2011

At least 100 people came to Tillicum Elementary School to learn about the Point Defiance Bypass project during the monthly Tillicum/Woodbrook Neighborhood Association.
11-15-2010 Open House at Tillicum Community Center Open House, Tillicum Community Center (Lakewood) - November 15, 2010

More than 60 community members came to the community center to learn about the Point Defiance Bypass project and chat with the project team. Information boards were set up around the room and videos about train noise and speeds were playing. The videos are available on YouTube.
09-16-2010 Tacoma Farmers Market Tacoma Farmers Market (downtown) - September 16, 2010

Members of the project team braved the rain to let Tacoma Farmers Market patrons know about Washington state rail projects.
05-17-2010 Open House Open House (Lakewood) -
May 17, 2010

The Point Defiance Bypass project team set up displays at Clover Park Technical College, giving the community an opportunity to learn about the Cascades High-Speed Rail program, and specifically the Point Defiance Bypass project.