Rail - Tacoma - Bypass of Point Defiance - Advisory Team Materials


Why is WSDOT engaging with advisory teams?
To ensure meaningful engagement and to maintain steady progress on the project, we invited key stakeholders and municipalities within the project area to be part of two advisory teams - a technical team and an executive team.

The Technical Advisory Team was tasked with providing technical review and feedback on the Point Defiance Bypass project Environmental Assessment, and to submit recommendations for review by the Executive Advisory Team.

The Executive Advisory Team meets to review and comment on updates to transportation analyses and other environmental work produced by project staff and technical advisory team - specifically focusing on potential traffic impacts.

Our advisory team partners include:

  • City of DuPont;
  • City of Lakewood;
  • City of Tacoma;
  • Pierce County;
  • Sound Transit;
  • Clover Park School District;
  • Joint Base Lewis-McChord;
  • Camp Murray
  • Federal Highway Administration

Previous Advisory Team Materials

Agendas, presentations, and other handouts from our Executive and Technical Advisory Teams are linked as PDFs here for the convenience of our team members and the public. 

The technical team agreed on some rules of conduct in the form of an Operating Plan . This sets the ground rules for interagency coordination on the Point Defiance Bypass project.

Traffic Memos for review (Tacoma, Lakewood & DuPont areas)

Traffic Memos already reviewed - available upon request:

  • Clover Creek Dr. and North - 2010 AM-PM Volumes
  • Clover Creek Dr. and North - 2010 AM-PM No-Build Timing - Delays - Queues

Final Memos

Meeting Materials 

Joint Technical and Executive Advisory Team
March 29, 2012

Executive Advisory Team
December 1, 2011

Technical Advisory Team
November 15, 2011

Technical Advisory Team
October 18, 2011

Executive Advisory Team
July 7, 2011

Technical Advisory Team
June 16, 2011

Executive Advisory Team
June 2, 2011

Technical Advisory Team
May 19, 2011

Executive Advisory Team
April 7, 2011

Technical Advisory Team
March 17, 2011

Executive Advisory Team
February 3, 2011

Technical Advisory Team
January 20, 2011

Phase 1

Phase 2

Executive Advisory Team
November 4, 2010

Technical Advisory Team
October 21, 2010

Executive Advisory Team
October 7, 2010

Technical Advisory Team
September 23, 2010

Executive Advisory Team
September 9, 2010

Technical Advisory Team - Weighting Workshop
August 26, 2010

Technical Advisory Team - Weighting Workshop
August 12, 2010

Executive Advisory Team
August 5, 2010

Technical Advisory Team
July 29, 2010

Technical Advisory Team
July 15, 2010

Advisory Teams Kickoff Meeting
June 29, 2010

For more information, contact:

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