Rail - Everett Storage Tracks - Complete January 2013

Train switching activities at Everett's Delta Yard frequently cause delays to Amtrak Cascades service.

New storage tracks long enough to accommodate 7,000-foot-long freight trains will reduce congestion on the main line by minimizing the time trains arriving and departing the yard block the main line.

How you benefit

Relieves congestion
Amtrak Cascades will be able to move past the yard with less interference from freight operations. The new storage area for freight trains will create room for Amtrak Cascades to add more daily trains and will shorten travel times through the congested rail corridor.

Economic incentive
The project reduces congestion, adds rail capacity and eliminates a substantial rail yard bottleneck.

Partnerships & cooperation
This project is funded through the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).


Washington State was awarded nearly $800 million for rail corridor improvements between Vancouver, WA and the Canadian border. This project is funded through the following source:

Federal High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail grant – $1.85 million

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