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Rail - Blaine Swift Customs Facility - Complete September 2015

Inspections at the U.S. Customs inspection area near Blaine frequently caused delays to Amtrak Cascades service. Construction of a new 9,000 feet main track and conversion of the existing main track into a second siding improved the reliability of the Amtrak Cascades rail passenger service.

Amtrak Cascades trains can now move past the customs facility with less interference from freight train inspections.

How you benefit

Relieves congestion
Reduces major source of freight/passenger train congestion by constructing a new main track and converting existing track to a second siding track.

Economic incentive
The new tracks shorten travel times for Amtrak Cascades passengers, improving travel reliability.


Washington state was awarded nearly $800 million for rail corridor improvements between Vancouver, WA and the Canadian border. This project included:

  • Federal High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail grant – $7 million
  • State Funds – $3.5 million

Previously, $4.7 million in Federal Highway Administration funds were also used to address this issue, but those funds are not part of the current project.


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WSDOT Rail Division
PO Box 47407
Olympia, WA 98504-7407

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Work at the Blaine crossing

An Amtrak Cascades train passes while crews work on a railroad crossing as part of the Blaine - Swift Customs Facility project.

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