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Monitoring and Controlling

Monitoring and Controlling Process Map (pdf, 116kb)

Monitoring and controlling the project involves continuous review and periodic reporting of actual work accomplished as compared to the planned work. Review project performance requirements as the work is accomplished, verify performance requirements.

Schedule verification - Verify actual work and compare to planned start/finish dates and milestones. Review the critical path - has it changed? What is the impact?

Cost Verification - verify actual costs and compare to planned expenditures. Identify the variance; determine the impact and take the necessary corrective action.

Specialty Groups - review the scope, schedule, and budget commitments; including start/finish dates, milestones and costs. Report on accomplishments, delays, variances to management.

Monitoring and controlling includes:

  • Monitoring budget
  • Updating cost forecasts
  • Updating schedule forecasts
  • Control scope
  • Report on progress
  • Controlling risks
  • Controlling quality
  • Controlling communications
  • Develop and implement recovery plans if needed
  • Update project management plan as necessary¬†